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Photo of Logan Weather Station

This 30 foot (10 meters) tower based weather station is located at the offices of Campbell Scientific, Inc. in Logan, Utah, USA. Elevation at the site is approximately 4455 ft (1358 m). The city of Logan is located on the east side of Cache Valley in northern Utah. The valley is quite level, about 30 mi (48 km) long and 10 to 15 mi (16 to 24 km) wide. It is open to the north and closed by mountains to the south, east, and west.

Winters are usually cold but not severe. The valley is protected somewhat from cold Canadian air masses by the mountains. Spring is the wettest season of the year. Nearly 40 percent of the annual total precipitation falls in March, April, and May. Only one year in ten receives less than two-thirds of the expected moisture supply during these months. Summer arrives abruptly the first part of June with warmer and drier weather. The mountains to the south and southwest, and the Great Salt Lake about 30 mi (48 km) away, help to divert or moderate warm air currents. Nights are cool and humidity low in the daytime. Maximum temperatures of 100 degrees F (38 degrees C) or higher are extremely rare. Only one year in fourteen receives temperatures of 100 degrees (38 degrees C) or higher. Crisp, cool weather accompanies the fall season in September.

The average growing season extends for 159 days, from May 8th to October 13th. Spring frosts tend to linger on, which shortens the growing season. There is a 50 percent probability of freezing temperatures after the first week in May, and temperatures of 32 degrees or lower have been recorded as late as June 12th. Fall frosts can be expected early, usually before mid-October. The earliest recorded occurrence of freezing temperature or lower is September 15th (Eubank 1979).


  • CR1000 Measurement and Control Module


  • 05103 R.M. Young Wind Monitor (wind speed and direction)
  • HMP45C Vaisala Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
  • CS100 Setra 278 Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • CS700H HyQuest Solutions Heated Rain Gage
  • LI200X Licor Pyranometer (solar radiation)
  • PS200 Smart Charging Power Supply


  • FreeWave FGR 900 MHz 1 W Spread Spectrum Radio