Mendon - About The Site

Photo of Mendon Weather Station

This MetData1 weather station is located at a Campbell Scientific employee's home in Mendon, Utah, USA, and is maintained by Campbell Scientific. Elevation at the site is approximately 4525 ft (1379 m). Mendon is approximately 8 mi (13 km) southwest of Campbell Scientific and only about 70 ft (21 m) higher in elevation. The city of Mendon is located on the west side of Cache Valley in northern Utah and has a climate similar to Logan. However, due to Mendon's close proximity to the mountains west of Cache Valley, and Logan's close proximity to the mountains east of Cache Valley, some microclimate differences do exist.


  • CR10X Measurement and Control Module


  • 034B-L Met One Wind Speed/Direction Sensor
  • HMP45C Vaisala Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
  • TE525-L Texas Electronics Rain Gage
  • LI200X Licor Pyranometer (solar radiation)


  • NL240 Wi-Fi Network Link